Detwiler Fundraiser - Ladies Tank

Detwiler Fundraiser - Ladies Tank

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Support those who lost their homes in the Detwiler Fire.

Each tank top purchased will help support those who lost their homes during the fire. 

Detwiler Fire in Mariposa County has currently burned over 81,000 acres, destroying 63 homes. Over 4,800 fire personal have worked to fight this fire and to save the homes of the Mariposa County community as well as defend the historic downtown Mariposa itself. 

Behind the design:

Personally designed by Lawson Studios owner and artist, Heather Lawson aimed to represent all that the Detwiler Fire brought upon the community of Mariposa County. The flames and burning tree represent destruction. Fire fighters stand in a line defending the land and our homes illustrating strength,resiliency and community. Finally the green oak leaves speak to what we stood to defend and to the re-growth of the land and the community itself. 

The silhouette of the fire fighters was pulled from actual footage of fire fighters defending Mariposa County during the Detwiler Fire. 

The Detwiler Fire was nicknamed the "Two Headed Beast" because of the multiple directions the fire raged. Look closely and you will see the two heads of the beast within the flames.